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Meto Mechnical Survey criteria

  • Specialist Drainage surveyors attend site to carry out a detailed survey of all Foul & Surface water drainage systems within the site demise area (FOC).
  • All equipment used on site to carry out the survey and trace the correct drainage lines is delivered to the site: Hydraulic Heavy Lifting Equipment, CCTV, Metal Detector, Hedge Trimmers, Chainsaws.
  • All manhole chambers are assessed and recorded on to a site plan enabling all required RAMS to undertake the works.
  • Photographs are taken to identify and record issues and problems within the drainage system and clients advised of remedial requirements.
  • All existing pumping stations and petrol interceptors connected with the drainage system are identified. The client  is advised of the legal requirement to manage and maintain these systems. Metro undertake this as part of our PPM.
  • A detailed site drawing is prepared with a colour coded system to identify foul and surface drainage issues.  This information will assist them to identify any environmental risk management required for fire and floods control at the site.
  • All environmental management requirements for maintaining petrol interceptors and pumping stations are identified for the required annual inspection.


PPM Works Protocols:

  • Client is informed prior to our attendance and relevant site personal advised
  • Any special requirements to let tenants know we are attending will be dealt with by our contracts department before site attendance
  • Engineers working to our RAMS carry out the lifting and cleaning of both the surface and foul water drainage system
  • Surface water channel drainage & road gullies are lifted and fully cleaned and waste is transported away from site for correct disposal
  • All associated manhole covers are colour-coded and identified with directional arrows (FW = foul  – SW = surface).
  • All petrol interceptors and pumping stations are vacuum tanker cleaned and all relevant waste transfer paper work provided for correct waste transfer uploaded on to Track record.
  • Mechanical & Electrical testing are undertaken to pumping station control system and reports provided.
  • Photographic information is provided by our engineers and uploaded onto the client’s electronic system.
  • Following completion of the PPM work, invoicing is prepared but not sent until a Technical Services manager (TSM) has attended the site and carried out an inspection and signed off the works.  Any issues noted at this inspection are reported and rectified free of charge.

The Benefits:

  • Provides a clear and detailed drawing of the estates drainage system, that can be incorporated into the fire and flood management as part of the Environmental site management.
  • Enables faster fault finding where there are blockages as there are survey drawings.
  • Provides a more transparent explanation of service charge apportionment through survey drawings and allocations
  • Provides the clients with all relevant Risk and Method statements from works undertaken.
  • Provides client with Environmental requirements, which Metro manages annually. Thus reducing the risk of EA inspection fines and demonstrable compliance linked to survey drawings.
  • Provides the client with all aspect and impact issues relating to Health, Safety & Environmental relevant to drainage allowing them to fully comply with their legal requirements.
  • Allows the client to provide, to their tenants as part of the service, a clear and fully operational drainage system. This can reduce the risk of unexpected flooding affecting their business through disruption to work or complete shutdown.
  • Enables easier and clearer allocation of responsibility to tenants where blockages have been caused.
  • Provides the opportunity for property managers to receive email reports and to email these reports and/or extracts (photographs) to tenants.
  • Provides an annual update on the EA website to ensure the premises are compliant.

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