Our Environmental Policy and Practice – Right for you. Right for the environment.

Metro Mechanical Services are committed to robust, proven working practices that protect the environment, reduce waste and minimise any risk of pollution.

Our environmental policy ensures we:

  • Develop a culture in which protecting the environment is encouraged through education, training, and fostering greater awareness of how to manage environmental issues
  • Comply with all applicable Environment Legislation.
  • Review all our activities regularly to identify areas where best practice can be improved.
  • Minimise energy use.
  • Provide up to date, best practice environmental training for all staff.
  • Take responsibility at Director level for all environmental Issues.
  •  Encourage and expect all employees to conduct their duties in accordance with our policy.
  • Minimise our environmental impact when and wherever possible.
  • Preserve and enhance biodiversity.

At Metro Mechanical Services we review our Environmental Policy  annually to ensure that it remains up to date, legal, and meets all the requirements of best practice and exceptional customer service.

Health & Safety – excellence is our standard

Metro Mechanical Services are committed to protecting the welfare of its employees, site visitors, clients and the general public.  We promote and support compliance with all regulations and the principles of best practice to meet our health and safety responsibilities.

  • Safe plant, equipment and system of work
  • Safe arrangements for the use, handling, storage and transportation of equipment and materials.
  • Comprehensive risk assessments to guide our decisions on the degree of instruction, training and supervision required for all employees to help them avoid hazards and stay safe.

Safe for one. Safer for all.  

Safety is everyone’s concern. We ensure that every employee is fully conversant with, and works in accordance with, the Metro Mechanical Services Safety Policy. We require all employees to:-

  • Act with care to prevent injury to themselves or others.
  • Report all accidents, damage to equipment and potential hazards.
  • Follow the agreed working procedure, including the correct use of safety equipment and protective clothing.
  • Declare to their superior if, when required to operate unfamiliar equipment, they need further training.

The Metro Mechanical Service Safety Policy has the full backing of the company’s Board of Directors and is regularly reviewed to preserve its integrity.

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