Brook Trading Estate

An example of our approach to PPM: forensic surveying, high-quality maintenance, and detailed reporting

Our work at Brook Trading Estate is typical of our approach to comprehensive maintenance.

A leading managing agent had requested that we take over the PPM on one of their industrial sites.

Our first step was to send one of our dedicated survey teams to map out the drainage system in detail…

Our survey team spend all day tracing the drainage on site, and find a petrol interceptor unknown to the FM (or previous drainage contractors)

Brook Trading Estate


Surveyors trace surface water line into concealed area

Brook Trading Estate


Our team carry strimming equipment for these situations – they expose an entry way

Brook Trading Estate


No manhole covers are immediately visible amid the debris, but an interceptor should be here

Brook Trading Estate


The team clear the debris and locate the covers of a two-stage petrol interceptor

Brook Trading Estate


An unlocated PI means major environmental and pollution risk, and is non-SFG20 compliant

Brook Trading Estate


The covers are lifted, and the PI is shown to be in poor condition, holding oily water in the main chamber

Once we have accurately assessed the site, we agree scope with the FM and plan our PPM visit

Brook Trading Estate
  • We fix a date for PPM attendance a few weeks after our survey was complete
  • We send as standard one of our jet-vac tanker crews to site
  • These vehicles have excellent suction and high-pressure jetting capacity to clear blockages and remove waste
  • PPM is carried out over several nights

FMs receive high-quality evidential reporting, and recommendations of any asset repairs on site

Brook Trading Estate
  • The client receives comprehensive Before and After evidence of our attendance
  • We label manholes with thermoplastic markings
  • During the PPM visit, our engineers conducted site safety checks, and noticed some defective manhole covers that posed a Health & Safety risk to personnel on site

Our Estimators provide a quote to repair defects, and within 2 weeks the remedial works are complete

Brook Trading Estate
  • An estimate is sent out to the FM straight after our PPM to make them aware of the H&S risk
  • Our engineers measure up the required manholes to be replaced (DS400)
  • Our in-house civils teams arrive on site and complete multiple repairs over the course of a single day
  • They provide a full audit trail of their work (see the PI cover replacement on the right)


What did we deliver for our client?

Environmental risk mitigation

By identifying previously undetected petrol interceptors, we mitigated risks of environmental pollution and non-compliance

Health and safety risk mitigation

Our engineers located trip hazards on site, and we quoted and executed the remedial work with a fast turnaround time

Positive tenant experience

By comprehensively mapping the drainage system, we reduced the likelihood of blockages and smells, thus improving tenants’ experience of site

Value for money

By doing a thorough job, maintenance is done to a standard that minimises unexpected callout charges