Greater Manchester Restaurant

Metro Mechanical's team in the north step in to resolve on-going issue with repeat blockages causing disruption to a busy kitchen and restaurant.

The Problem

Restaurant had been experiencing on-going issues and repeat blockages related to the kitchen foul-water system.

This was causing disruption to the operation of the kitchen and impacting serving of food and service to guests.

The site was initially attended by another contractor, but no resolution was put forward by them to address the issue.

We were contacted by the regional maintenance manager to propose an alternative solution.

The Options

A. Carry out an expensive & invasive internal excavation which would be disruptive, expensive but effective.

B. Carry out a No-Dig Solution which would be cost effective with less disruption but with level of risk

No-Dig Option Taken

Work carried out overnight

Little disruption

2 x 100mm drain lines relined

System operation at end of each day

Work completed in 2 days

Pre and Post Lining works

Foul Pipeline with Major Multiple Fractures

New Lined Pipe with Strong Structure formed

The Result

First time fix on clearing and identifying the problem

Clear communication of potential risks and benefits of no-dig solution

Options presented

No-dig solution preferred

Little disruption to kitchen and restaurant operation

Cost effective

High praise from site management

Continue to strengthen relationship with key customer