West London Hotel Boiler Plant Replacement

Our commercial gas team carried out a comprehensive upgrade of the hotel heating system. This project required detailed planning and quality execution.

Stage 1: Investigation and survey

We were invited to tender for a major boiler replacement project at a large hotel site in west London

Our manager attended site in order to identify access issues and to flag potential health and safety concerns

Our team evaluated the client’s nominated design consultants’ plant recommendations and flagged technical issues

We concluded that, given the building’s height, plant with a higher working pressure was required to be effective

Our manager worked with the consultants and client to agree the final specifications and costs for the project

Inspecting plant room access

Health and safety ingress issues flagged

Existing Strebel boiler

Boiler and plant to be replaced

Stage 2: Installation

We took delivery of a temporary boiler system to maintain hot water throughout the building during the installation works

This was carried out within a few hours and at an off-peak time to minimise disruption to the client

We then gutted the plant room of the old equipment and installed a bank of new Andrews boilers

Temporary boiler set up

Plant room dismantled and cleared

New Andrews systems delivered and in position

Pipework connected to hot water system

One of the new bank of boilers fully operational

Stage 3: Completing our project to a high standard

Following the change in specification, we calculated the hot water storage required to supply the site. In order to maintain continuous movement throughout the system and to prevent legionella, we installed buffer vessels and destratification pumps

We worked with a specialist flue contractor to commission and install a new flue for the boilers using the existing stack

As the ventilation requirements had changed, we modified an existing louvre vent to provide natural extraction ventilation ata high level and installed a fan with ductwork to provide mechanical ventilation for combustion air

We added Aquabion water filters to protect the plant, complete with water meters

We integrated the ventilation and filtration systems fully into the BMS to provide safety shutdown mechanisms

New hot water storage buffer vessels

Boiler flue replacement

Ventilation modifications

Water filtration and metering system

Aquabionwater softening unit