Metro Mechanical joins NADC Environment & Waste Committee

The National Association of Drainage Contractors (NADC) has appointed Mark Gayfer, Metro Mechanical’s Quality Assurance Supervisor, to their national committee on the Environment and Waste.

With over 350 certified members, the NADC is the main industry body for drainage companies in the UK. The Environment & Waste Committee sits below the Board and is comprised of industry practitioners and experts. In terms of its priorities, the NADC sets out its key objectives as follows:

“Liquid waste disposal has some serious challenges [and] requires much effort, coordination and capital investment to promote effective strategies and procedures. There are many different sources of liquid waste…coming from various sources. With special reference to excellent environmental performance, the committee discusses these aspects, makes recommendations¬† and puts into place good practice.”

We are delighted to be taking an active role on environmental issues at a national level and in a prominent industry forum. Mark’s 28 years of drainage industry experience, and hands-on approach to continuous improvement make him ideally suited for the role. We congratulate him on his appointment.