All Metro Mechanical Services plumbing engineers are trained and qualified to City and Guilds standards.  They’re up to speed with all aspects of maintenance, repair and Installation work within the commercial… Read more


All of Metro Mechanical Services gas engineers are Gas Safe registered and we offer some of the most experienced and qualified engineers in commercial gas installation, maintenance and repair.  

As part of our continual training program we ensure that all… Read more


When it comes to unblocking and clearing blocked drains, Metro Mechanical Services Limited is the only name you need. At Metro, we understand that your emergency is an emergency!  

Whether you’ve got a blocked drain, or want to make sure that you never have one, Metro Mechanical Services are your… Read more

Petrol Interceptors: We make sure our customers work within Environment Agency requirements and that all systems are correctly loaded on the Environment Agency website.

Pump Stations: We design, build and produce flow calculations. We also carry out routine maintenance and reactive repairs.

Treatment Plants: We are suppliers and installers of treatment plants. All our installations meet the design and performance requirements of Environment Agency standards.

Grease Management Systems: Metro Mechanical can provide a cost effective solution tailored to your specific needs, regardless of your businesses size, location or type.  All commercial kitchens produce fats, oils and grease (FOGS) in their food preparation, cooking and wash up.  These air and water borne FOGS need to be systematically managed to avoid blocked drains, smells, pest infestation and potential fire hazards. Unmanaged FOGS can lead to complex problems involving environmental hygiene enforcement or legal prosecution and fines as well as serious interruption to your business.

By using Metro Mechanical you can benefit from having all your grease management with one expert business or choose individual products and service support for grease trap clean, extractor and duct clean or kitchen deep clean.

Chemical Dosing Systems: Grease Dose is a proven technology employing selected grease digestion microorganisms. Introducing a high performance biological dosing system to keep your drains grease and odour free.

The grease dose solution degrades grease deposits and forms a natural culture barrier to prevent further deposits and build up in your drain lines.  In many cases we can simplify the whole process by installing an automatic grease management system. A high quality dosing pump automatically releases a measured and programmable amount of grease dose, each day at the end of service and wash up, to prevent the build up of fats, oils and grease.

This simple and reliable system requires little of no maintenance other than replacement of the grease dose solutions.

Civil Drainage and Evacuation Works: When it’s not possible to clear or repair a drainage system through the normal access points, Metro mechanical have the equipment, know-how and experience to carry out traditional trench evacuation work.  Our expertise also embraces constructing new drainage systems. Metro Mechanical Engineers meet current Health and Safety regulations and are trained to work within confined spaces and the public highway.

Using our knowledge and assessment skills, Metro Mechanical teams are able to plan excavation work with great precision.  That way we can keep your costs down without compromising safety or quality of work.

High Level Gutter Cleaning: This can be a challenge for many companies but not the Metro Mechanical. We have a range of solutions to offer that allow us to customise high gutter cleaning so that the task is completed the most efficient and effective way.  For example, we’re able to use pole mounted cameras and vacuum suction cleaners to survey and clean guttering up to 50 feet high without the need for expensive scaffolding or awkward ladders.  Where access is difficult, Metro Mechanical can tackle the job using cherry pickers.  Wherever there is a need to inspect, clean, repair or renew, you can trust Metro Mechanical to get the job done safely and efficiently.

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