We provide integrated services via specialist teams. By self-delivering across disciplines, we minimise risk and promote the accumulation of expertise across our firm.


Our maintenance crews provide comprehensive internal and external wastewater services, while our reactive teams deal with everything from blockages to emergency tankering and specialist project work.

CCTV & Surveys

To give you unparalleled visibility on site, our dedicated mapping teams deliver industry-leading CAD drainage plans, while our CCTV engineers will investigate collapses and defects, providing detail reports.


Our national pumps team is NICEIC-qualified and carries out M&E testing, scheduled maintenance and new pump installations. We are constantly developing IoT solutions to provide predictive and early-warning capabilities.

Grease Management

We are a nationally recognised grease management installation and maintenance provider, with a consultative approach that delivers intelligent solutions for your working environment.


From six-figure multistage capital projects to routine asset repairs, our specialist civils teams deliver infrastructure improvements at commercial properties across the UK.

External and internal drainage

Metro Mechanical built its business on providing a reliable and robust drainage maintenance programme for a range of customers. We have a ‘measure twice, cut once’ approach to our work: each site is initially surveyed, quoted, and then fully surveyed by a dedicated team who lift every manhole cover – all at our own cost. This allows our in-house CAD team to create a bespoke drainage plan, which gives our engineers unparalleled visibility on site. When carrying out drainage maintenance, we ensure our engineers have the right equipment to do the best possible job. That’s why Metro Mechanical has invested in a high-quality fleet of large combination tankers which deliver powerful jet-washing and high-capacity vacuum suction to remove hazardous waste. These are supported by Cityflex tankers and customised van-packs which provide flexibility for all site sizes and environments. We provide national reactive coverage for emergencies – but our rigorous PPM programmes are designed to minimise callouts as far as possible. Our work with a range of clients allows us to stay ahead of the latest regulatory and environmental trends, to ensure property managers are fully compliant in how they maintain their assets.

Petrol interceptors

Fuel contamination poses a serious environmental risk, so having petrol interceptors properly installed and maintained is crucial to ensure compliance. Metro Mechanical’s engineers are highly experienced in maintaining interceptors, ranging from modern bypass interceptors to full retention systems and washdown systems. Our large fleet of jet-vac tankers is ideally suited to carry out interceptor maintenance. If things do go wrong, we can step in to diagnose and rectify the situation: we’re experienced in managing water authorities, the Environment Agency, and tenants to understand underlying interceptor issues. If a new interceptor is required, our civils team is experienced in delivering excavation and install projects.


When we work in skyscrapers and large office spaces, we deploy specialist teams and assets to ensure that wastewater systems are kept in the best condition. We imported state-of-the-art mechanical coring equipment which is incredibly efficient at clearing blockages and removing scale. This capability is complemented by experienced engineers who can provide CCTV surveys, high-pressure jetting, and diagnostic water testing.


We look after a range of sites where we resolve plumbing issues for commercial customers in the healthcare, hospitality and food service industries. We understand that high-quality reactive capabilities are essential to minimise disruption for our clients. Our 24/7/365 helpdesk service and round-the-clock shift patterns ensure that we meet our SLAs.


Gutters are an integral part of surface water drainage, and we have the equipment and health and safety processes to carry out high-access work safely and effectively. Using hydraulic lift equipment and specialist harnesses, we can reach the most challenging areas to ensure that your surface water drainage flows freely from top to bottom.

Water treatment and testing

Where clients are experiencing contamination problems or repeated issues with a particular area of their wastewater system, we offer laboratory water testing services to diagnose issues and allow for a targeted response. Our engineers are also experienced in providing water dosing solutions and carrying our water risk assessments on water storage tanks.

CAD drainage plans

Prior to conducting planned maintenance or large-scale improvement works, we will send one of our dedicated surveying teams to inspect a site in full. Often, we find that property managers and owners have scant information regarding drainage infrastructure. As strategic partners, we will create a bespoke drainage plan of a client’s site, including all details of surface and foul water lines and any specific infrastructure they may have. Not only do they provide our clients with a valuable asset, but they give our engineers clarity when they attend site. While drainage plans are included free of charge when a PPM regime is set up, we are able to provide this as a standalone service if required.

CCTV surveys

We have CCTV teams across the UK who use industry-standard drainage camera equipment to carry out investigations. We use WinCan reports to offer clients total transparency into our findings and their infrastructure.

Pump station maintenance

As part of our planned maintenance, we will ensure all foul and surface water pump stations are thoroughly cleaned. Our dedicated team of pump specialists will carry out any more rigorous repair and maintenance. We also have NICEIEC-certified commercial electricians who will certify control panels on all pumps.

Pump installations

Our Pumps Division has a long track record of installations – from the construction of entirely new pump stations to the replacement of worn out pumps. Pump stations are complex, and it is essential to have experienced engineers working to the correct standard. Our teams have all the requisite safety equipment and our history of successfully installing pumps for a range of clients across the UK attests to our professionalism.

Telemetry/IoT solutions

As the Internet of Things becomes more prevalent in the built environment, predictive maintenance, based on sensors and data collection, will emerge alongside planned preventative maintenance. Metro Mechanical is an early adopter of this technological trend: we install telematic devices in pumps and other drainage plant to provide an early warning system for our reactive engineers.

Grease trap installations

We are experienced installers of grease traps in a variety of commercial settings We aren’t affiliated with any suppliers and we don’t preach a ‘one size fits all’ solution. Rather, we analyse the client’s requirements in detail, and then propose a cost-effective solution to meet their needs. Recently, we completed a national grease trap rollout for a blue-chip UK hospitality company. As members of the Grease Contractors’ Association and a participant in British Water’s Annual Conference on Fat, Oil and Grease (FOG), we are at the forefront of innovation in this rapidly-evolving sector.

Grease trap maintenance

As a member of the Grease Contractors’ Association and a participant in British Water’s Annual Conference on Fat, Oil and Grease (FOG), we follow best practices when it comes to dealing with grease. FOG from food waste is a growing issue that is increasingly on water authorities’ radars. We maintain a range of grease retention units and traps for customers in the fast food and hotel sector.

FOG audits

Metro Mechanical is experienced in carrying out FOG audits in a range of kitchen environments, including fast food, restaurants and cafés. We will prepare a detailed audit of your food preparation environment as well as any interlinked plumbing and drainage infrastructure. Our recommendations will provide objective advice about solutions that can work both in terms of technical efficacy and budgeting.

Staff training

At Metro Mechanical, we appreciate that effective grease management depends in large part on the staff who work in your food preparation and serving environment. We provide hands-on training, as well as a instructional videos, to share best practices for use, basic maintenance and cleaning.


For Metro Mechanical, comprehensive maintenance includes repairing and improving your property. Our maintenance and reactive teams will identify malfunctioning infrastructure and potential health and safety risks and recommend further works. Our team of civil engineers is highly experienced in remedial drainage work, including replacing manhole covers, repairing channel drainage, conducting excavations and improving surfaces.

No-dig solutions

Lining is often the least disruptive and most cost-effective solution for repairing degradation of pipework. We have several models of investigative camera equipment that allow our patch lining teams to plan and prepare the operation. Given their experience, they are able to work quickly and efficiently to seal drains and improve your drainage infrastructure for the long term without the considerable disruption of major excavations.

Drainage improvements

Tree roots, water table shifts, and poor maintenance can all create structural weakness in drainage systems, causing fracturing or collapse. Our civil engineering team are experienced in excavating and replacing anything from a small segment of grated linear channel to hundreds of metres of heavily silted surface water outflow drainage.

Treatment plant installations

Our Special Projects Team is focused on installing treatment plants. With a high level of expertise in the biological and chemical processes that underlie the successful operation of treatment plants, Metro Mechanical can ensure your plant suits your site’s needs and is fully integrated into your pump and drainage infrastructure.


Our helpdesk is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We don’t outsource this – it’s too important to our clients to talk to someone who understands their needs, at any hour of the day or night.


We have a dedicated team of reactive engineers with a variety of specialisms across drainage, plumbing, civils and pumps. We plan shifts to ensure we can offer high-quality coverage to our customers across the UK. All our engineers are tracked, and our data analysts closely monitor attendance times to ensure we meet our SLAs.


In order to make sure that our engineers are sufficiently supported, we operate a manager-on-call rota. Managers are on-hand to provide technical advice on complex jobs and to liaise closely with clients from the start to the finish of a reactive job.